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Albury Tiling

Exterior wall tiling job done in Albury with stone tiles

Having your wall or floor masterfully tiled is a way of ensuring that your home or business exudes beauty and style for a long time. Additionally, a well-tiled bathroom or patio has a way of leaving guests in awe and admiration.

Your bathroom is an integral part of your home, and this is not debatable. For this reason, it's quite crucial to choose a team of professionals whenever you decide to embark on a bathroom renovation project. It is the only guaranteed way of getting top-rated services and impressive results that will last for ages to come.

Albury Tiling has a team of competent and highly skilled tilers that can deliver your desired bathroom tiling goals. We offer high quality and affordable tiling and waterproofing services with dedication and professionalism.

About Us

Albury Tiling is a five-star renovation and tiling company that specializes in providing tiling and renovation services to property owners. We are a group of individuals who place so much value on the services we provide, as we understand that high-quality tiling and waterproofing will remain standout features of your home for a long time.

We take pride in playing a role in helping you achieve your bathroom tiling and waterproofing goals. The team at Albury Tiling cares about your satisfaction and happiness more than anything else.

At Albury Tiling, completing every project with the highest level of precision and perfection has become a tradition. We always invest our best effort and resources to maintain – and even outdo – the high standards set by us.

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    Our Services

    We offer all types of tiling and waterproofing services and execute each with a focus on achieving excellent results that'll continue to cherish for years to come. Albury Tiling understands how much your bathroom tiling project means to you, and this, alongside ensuring that you have no reason to feel disappointed, is mostly responsible for why we always put in our best.

    Our expert always conducts consultations and assessments before embarking on any tiling project. We want to be sure that we understand your exact needs. This is a reflection of our attitude to work, one which is built upon maintaining high standards and meeting specific requirements.

    If you have a question you may find the answer on our FAQ page.

    Check out our blog for useful tiling tips, recommendations & suggestions. With many years of experience, we are thrilled to share these for you.

    Beautiful bathroom with white ceramic wall tiles

    Are you thinking about getting a bathroom renovation? Are you still thinking about the best course of action to take? Well, for a start, you should reach out to a professional bathroom renovations company.

    You don't have to look too far. Albury Tiling has what it takes to bring your bathroom renovation dreams to life. We will work closely with you to explore your options and help make sure that you choose only the best. Our experts are ready to help you create the design of your dreams.

    Stunning kitchen with pattern backsplash tiles

    Waterproofing your tiled surface and other smooth surfaces in your home that usually get wet is a smart choice to make. It is a safety measure that helps to make sure that incidents of accidental falls are avoided.

    Albury Tiling has a team of individuals that are experts at providing high-quality and effective waterproofing services. If you have waterproofing needs, don't hesitate to contact us. We'll give you the best results at the most affordable rates.

    Pool tiling job we completed in Albury

    If you are determined to create a backyard with an impressive visual design element, consider tiling the area around your pool. Your pool is that part of your home where you relax, unwind, and even share happy moments with your loved ones. In hot seasons, swimming in your pool helps you to cope with the usually unbearable heat. Your swimming pool is an essential part of your home, and investing in giving it a better design will always be a great idea.

    The experts at Albury Tiling can help you achieve your pool tiling goals. All you have to do is share the details of your requirements. Once this is done, you can be sure of getting amazing results.

    “I have a few bathroom ideas for my renovation which included bathroom waterproofing, shower repairs, tiling bathroom walls, and ceramic tiling. I needed to find a trusted tiler who was reputable in tiling for bathrooms. I did not want a standard Albury bathroom, so I needed a tiling team that really stood out. That is why I chose to work with Albury Tiling & Waterproofing. The did a high-quality waterproofing membrane for maximum safety, which is important for my toddlers. They also avoided tiling over tiles and did all of the shower tiling from scratch – so impressive! Especially when you consider how quickly they managed to get the entire tiling project done.” – Flora Z.

    Floor to wall tiling job with large porcelain tiles

    “I wanted a reliable Albury tiler for my larger commercial tiling project, so that is why I turned to Albury Tiling & Waterproofing. The tiling installation was done so efficiently and too my standards, I could not believe it! I had heard they did subway tiling in the past, but I could not believe the end result. I ended up hiring them for my home pool tiling and I even had tiling a kitchen splashback completed. Forget about Shepparton tiling, the Albury Tiling & Waterproofing is all you are going to need for your next tiling job” – William T.

    Kitchen tiling job done in Albury with natural stone wall tiles

    “I thought silicone and silicon installation would be a good idea, but when I called the professionals at Albury Tiling & Waterproofing, they offered other bathroom tiling and floor tiling options. I trusted their suggestions since they are the leading tile installers in the area. After a thorough consultation, I knew they were the best Albury tiling solution. During the project, they always arrived on time to do tile underlay, to lay the tiles, and to do the grouting. I was impressed they did some waterproofing too! They were perfect, and the end result is everything that I had hoped for, and more!” – Brian G.

    Kitchen backsplash tiling job we completed in Albury with ceramic tiles

    Choosing Albury Tiling for your shower repairs is a move that will see you get the best experience ever. Our team of experts will take note of every detail of your requirements and deliver results that are nothing short of amazing. While working on your shower, we make sure that you are not deprived of convenience is the slightest manner.

    Albury Tiling has experience in working with different types of tiles, including several porcelain tiling projects. We have all the knowledge and expertise to meet your demands.

    Beautiful bathroom with white ceramic wall tiles

    With high-quality tiling, you can meet most of your interior and exterior design needs. Tiles are sturdy and able to withstand enormous stress for long periods. Considering these advantages, tiling your walls and floor will be a great accomplishment.

    We offer top-rated wall & floor tiling services at Albury Tiling at highly affordable rates.

    Natural finish stone tiles for wall tiling job in Albury

    If you are building a property or renovating one, you should give stone tiling a shot. Stone tiling your floor will give your home a stylish and classic look. You can trust Albury Tiling to remodel areas like the bathroom of your home with high-quality stone tiling.

    We have been providing clients with stone tiling services for years and have never failed to deliver impressive results. Be sure to contact us for your stone tiling project(s).

    Exterior wall tiling job done in Albury with natural stone tiles

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    Do you need the services of a world-class tiling and waterproofing company? Albury Tiling is a company that ranks amongst the best in the business of tiling and waterproofing. We are passionate about meeting your tiling and waterproofing needs satisfactorily. Whatever your requirements are, you can discuss them with us. We are always available to discuss your needs and provide you with services that reflect professionalism and perfection. For more details about our services, contact us today.